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Air Purifying Plants

The Best Air Purifying Plants for Your House

Taking better care of yourself is often a new year's resolution for a lot of people. And for good reason! But did you know that buying plants and keeping them in your home could help you live a healthier life? These air purifying plants help to clear the air around you so that you can breathe in cleaner, healthier air, leading to a healthier body. Here are four of the best house plants money can buy.
1. A Barberton Daisy not only adds a beautiful pop of color to your home, it also helps clear away the toxic chemicals that are frequently found in paints and synthetic fibers.
2. English Ivy is a great addition to your bathroom because it reduces the amount of fecal particles that float through the air. Another reason you'll love this plant in your bathroom is that it can help reduce mold levels, which tend to be higher in moist spaces.
3. A Snake Plant is one of the best houseplants to keep in your bedroom because it produces more oxygen at night, which helps you sleep better. Since it's a succulent, you won't need to water it very often, either.
4. A Spider Plant is great to have if you're new to plants or if you have pets. It's a non-toxic plant so it's safe to keep around animals, plus it helps clean the air and doesn't require much maintenance.
These are just a few of the air purifying plants that are great for your home. If you'd like to learn more, please give us a call or contact us online. Here at Desert Dream Gardens, we can talk with you about your current indoor plants needs and help you find the best houseplants for you.

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