LifeMCC is a free-standing  and movable plant wall that can be used in every possible interior as a room divider or purely for decoration. 

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The LifeMCC is the ideal mobile plant system to bring energy and life into an indoor area.


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 LifeMCC Technical Data 

Height:          1968 mm
Width:           1350 mm
Depth:           500 mm

The LifeMCC is equipped with an integrated water reservoir and an automatic irrigation system, which provides the plants with water and plant food in a dosed manner.

Available in any standard RAL color.

 LifeMCC with plant design 


An oasis of living green!
A mix of evergreen plants that brings a room to life and gives a beautiful green appearance to every interior.

Get your own Urban Jungle!

LifeMCC Green Oasis


The plant assortment of LimeDesign consists of particularly decorative plants. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they also have air-purifying qualities.

Bring summer inside with LimeDesign

LifeMCC LimeDesign


OceanBreeze adds character to a room and brings more air into your home or office. The plants have been specially selected because of their soothing appearance.

Find your calm with OceanBreeze!

LifeMCC Oceanbreeze