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to all extrior and interior designs. 

The Power of Plants

Living walls offer the opportunity to put LOTS of toxin cleaning and aesthetically pleasing plants into offices and other interior spaces without taking up valuable floor space.  And they provide a number of interlinked benefits as follows:

Better Air

Measurable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a key indicator of the health and well-being of our indoor spaces. There is considerable scientific evidence as to the ability of plants to improve the air.

Better Aquatics

Plants absorb, diffract, and reflect sound. The balance varies with the frequency at which the sound is generated and the room’s physical properties. The number of plants, the size of the plants, and their surface area will all affect their ability to absorb sound. Plants alter room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time. They tend to work better in acoustically live spaces, such as those that have hard surfaces like marble walls, exposed concrete, and stone floors.

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We can help you to have beautiful, effective, and long-lasting internal planting in a dynamic living wall system that will satisfy the requirements of both form and function.

Internal living walls set large numbers of plants within the vision of people who are otherwise often captive in unnatural environments. Questionnaire studies show that this is enough to redress the balance we need in our lives.

Photo courtesy: Sempergreen Group (International)

Green Wall Projects - UAE

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