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Living Green Walls

Why Are Living Green Walls So Popular?

Living green walls are becoming increasingly popular in public spaces. You may think they are just the latest design trend but in fact, that's far from the truth. First used in the 1930s, an indoor green wall is not just beautiful, it's also practical. Here are just a few of the reasons why living green walls have become so popular.
1. They are environmentally friendly. Since they are made out of plants, living green walls are good for the environment. They "breathe" just like plants in the wild do which provides oxygen for humans. In turn, humans breathe out carbon dioxide, which the plants need in order to grow.
2. They look pretty. By including an indoor green wall into your space, you add some color to our urban world. It's not often you see an entire wall of plants indoors, so it makes for a great conversation piece as well as a beautiful background for your next Instagram post.
3. They bring peace. By nature, humans love to be outdoors. It's very common to feel a sense of peace and relaxation when being in nature, or even just looking at a picture of it. That's why living green walls are great for office buildings where you have lots of meetings, or anxiety-inducing environments such as doctor's offices and waiting rooms.
There are many more reasons people love their living green walls from Desert Dream Gardens. If you'd like to have one of your own installed in your home or workplace, please contact us for more information.

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