• Annie

Top 10 plants for an indoor Living green wall/ vertical garden!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

1. Epipremnum aurum (Pothos)

epipremnum, pothos, money plant, scindapsus, green wall, vertical garden
Epipremnum aurum (Pothos)

One of the best houseplants for low light areas. Epipremnum is a climbing plant very easy to care for and one of the houseplants which purify internal air. Pothos varieties are the most suitable and maintenance-friendly plans for a vertical garden/green wall.


2. Aeschynanthus (lipstick plant)

Lipstick plant, aeschynanthus, green wall, vertical garden
Aeschynanthus (Lipstick plant)

One of the best houseplant for low light cercustansis with beautiful red flowers. Lipstick plant is suitable for a vertical garden due to its downward and upward growth at the same time.


3. Nephrolepis exaltata (Sword Fern)

Sword Fern, nephrolepis, green wall, vetical garden
Nephrolepis exaltala (Sword fern)

Ferns are related to tropical jungles and they live in more humid and wet conditions. Some of the fern verities can live in dark low light and some in medium to bright light. Nephrolepis fern is one of the air-purifying houseplants.